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Posted on August 4, 2020 by steven underhill From John Davey who lives in Beirut, subject of the  massive explosion, destroying the Dockyard area. Hi Dave,
Thanks for your message. We are fine. The windows in our lounge and living room were blown in and we are still clearing glass. We have an eighth floor apartment and one of the elevators knocked out of true, so will not work and the other taken out of service until it can be checked for safety. But, thank God, we are OK and damage-wise also lucky.

The city is quiet today, still lots of ambulances in and out of the hospital opposite us, and lots of glass being dumped into skips.

Thanks for keeping us up to date. Sorry to hear about Alan Dixon.

Best Regards
John Davey Hi Old Radfordians Interview and photos of John Davey and his wife can be viewed on:- Devon man survives Beirut port explosion living just a mile away Thanks John and our Best wishes to you Nayia Dave Posted in Uncategorized | Comments Off

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