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‘In the current circumstances the ORA Reunion Dinner and AGM to be held on Saturday 25th April is postponed. Latest update below

Greetings Old Radfordians

Here we are at the dawn of a new decade and happily the enthusiasm for our ORA is still as strong as ever. This year’s Annual Reunion Dinner will be held at the Exeter Golf and Country Club on Saturday 25 April. I hope very much that you will be able to join us for what is a most enjoyable gathering.

I wrote these words just a month ago in readiness to announce our annual gathering.  Alas our Dinner was cancelled thanks to the ‘Evil Plague’ which is stalking the globe. Dave Jumper Collings has asked me to write you all a note so I thought rather delete what I had already written why not adapt it?  So here we go, But PLEASE REMEMBER YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEND KEN POTTER ANY MONEY!

When I first joined the ORA back in 1964 we all received typed invitations from Mr Sole to attend the dinner. Mr Sole, and doubtless all the other teachers at MRS, would be totally amazed by the range of technology we have available to us with which we run the Association today.  Our latest innovation is to enable you to pay for your dinner by bank transfer.   Several members have asked for this facility and you will find all the details on your booking slip.   However it is essential that you still post the booking slip back to Ken otherwise he won’t know you are coming.  Obviously if you don’t wish to use this system you can still send Ken a cheque, but please don’t wait until the dinner and pay him in cash.  We all want to enjoy ourselves and our valued Honorary Treasurer does not want to worry about giving change and then on Sunday morning trying to remember who paid him!!

Just to be certain that the system worked I sent my money to Ken and he acknowledged that he had received it. I am delighted to say that I am only member who has paid for his 2020 Dinner!!!!

Over the last couple of years we have heard from members that they have not received details of forthcoming Reunion Dinners. ‘Jumper’ Collings has gone to great lengths to sort this out and it would seem that we have been unaware of new addresses while e-mail addresses have been given with slight errors.  We would greatly appreciate it if you could spare a few moments to ensure that all your details are correct on your booking form.  Ignore the booking form but Jumper would still appreciate your up to date details.

Sadly during the last twelve months we have lost four Old Radfordians. They are William George Tuckett, Malcolm Cann, Brian Winter and John Domaille OBE.  John of course was a former President of the ORA and one of Mount Radford School’s outstanding athletes. If you look at the individual championship trophies on the top table at the next Dinner you will see that John’s name is engraved on virtually all of them.

Sadly I have just heard that Patrick ‘Rick’ Spoerer died on 2nd April 2020; he lived in Sutton Coldfield and attended MRS from 1960-1963. Brother to Peter and their Father also called Patrick was a former Mayor of Exeter in 1964. No other details at present; but must funerals are at present ‘Family Only’ with a Memorial Service later.

For the first time last November a small group of us attended the Remembrance Sunday service at Exeter’s Northernhay Gardens war memorial and laid a Poppy wreath on behalf of the ORA in memory of the 54 Old Boys of the School who gave their lives for King and Country in both World Wars.  I hope very much that we continue this in the future.

Talking of technology Facebook has a splendid page called Exeter Memories where people can post their favourite photos of Old Exeter.  Recently someone, not an Old Radfordian, posted a picture of Park House which was featured on the cover of the 1920s MRS prospectus.   I am pleased to say that it attracted considerable interest, and it was good to see positive comments from former pupils, along with several pleasant memories of Mr Vine from people who knew him but had no connection with MRS. Unfortunately there was the usual confusion between our Mount Radford School and Mount Radford College which previously stood on what is now Barnardo Road. I took the opportunity to mention the 2020 Reunion Dinner so maybe, just maybe, it might attract a new member or two.

Thanks to my current isolation I have been watching plenty of old TV programmes including an episode of ‘Inspector Morse’ which noted was directed by Colin Gregg. I remember Colin making films at School. Does anyone know if he is still around?

I send to you all my very best wishes, and hope that we be able to organise an ORA gathering in autumn but I am pleased to tell you that Graham Potbury has booked the 2021 Reunion Dinner.

Stay Safe


Tony Lethbridge

Please pass this information to any former MRS colleagues you are in contact with

Thank you.

We will keep the situation under review and hopefully re-arrange the Reunion & AGM later in the year; to be decided by the Committee at an emergency meeting when the current situation has been resolved

Please take care and hope you and your family are in the best of health and being supported

Can you inform any fellow ORA Member of this decision.

I will keep you informed”