About us

About Us.
We are Gill & Tom Saunders, and we live in Paignton Devon.

After having a Hotel for 11.5 years in Torquay. We were looking for something else to do which still involved being with the public, and as my wife Gill has had retail experience and she has always had an interest in the world of craft, it suits her to be involved in something like Jewellery making. But it really started when Gill met a friend she had not seen for a long time in surrey,  she had started a jewellery making business which included a shop and a large wholesale business in a relatively short space of time. As soon as it could be organized, Gill went on a course using her friend who was running courses at the time in surrey. Also Gill went on a more courses being held locally in Torquay. These 2 courses have given Gill a wide range of knowledge in the world of jewellery making. I myself have an engineering background specialising as a Tool Maker, which can come in handy when making jewellery as it involves using my hands.

We started by opening a bead shop in Torquay road, Paignton, Devon. We have called the business Beadworldsw. Which we opened in December 2010. In the shop we supply a wide range of beads for example, Acrylic, Glass, crystal, metal & wood. We also supply Findings for example ear wires, pins, crimps, clasps, and various types of stringing materials, we also stock a selection of semi -precious beads aswell. We also supply adhesives and a wide range of tools. To help keep up with current trends and fashions we attend many trade shows though out the country. This helps to keep our shop quite trendy.
We did in house workshops for adults, where you could learn various different aspects of Jewellery making, for example a standard strung Necklace or Bracelet, Bead weaving, Wire working.
The shop run a repair service, so just bring in your damaged jewellery and we will see what we can do for people. Plus we made jewellery to order, peolpe just came in looked around and chose the colour and type of bead they would like and we will do the rest, or they just come in and picked our brains, to see if we could help.
In January 2014 we  moved to a new shop in Historic Winner street, in Paignton, Devon. This new location suits us, the shop is all on one level and the short walk from the main town.
We have a new website which we have high hopes for, the signals are its looking very good.

I am sad to say that owing to ill health we have had to close our shop in Winner street, Paignton, Devon, and as we move on we have just an online business ( www.beadworldsw.co.uk ).but we also attend Craft events which keeps us in toich with the public.
We are totally committed to helping all to enhance their skills and ideas so as to develop you as a clients to become jewellery makers, and using our large stock range we hope to help you achieve this.